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Stay Put® Cold Wrap with strap - Cervical

Stay Put® Cold Wrap with strap - Cervical

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Stay-Put® wraps are a unique solution for re-usable cold therapy. The simplicity of the all-in-one design gives users the ability to use them on any area of the body needing cold therapy. The Stay-Put Cold Therapy Wrap is the best in-home and clinic tool to relieve pain.

Key Features:

  • The unique dual comfort design minimizes the “cold shock” effect

    of applying a cold pack. One side of the pack feels less cold than the other, allowing the user to avoid uncomfortable cold shock by starting with the plush side against their body and after a few minutes flip the wrap over and attach it with the straps.

  • The wrap provides maximum flexibility when frozen to conform to the body. Even when chilled below zero our unique gel remains very flexible and ready to wrap around difficult joints.

  • Adjustable elastic straps maximize the ability to hold the Stay-Put® wrap where it is most comfortable and needed.

  • The wrap features a leak-proof, double-sealed design with a unique gel formula, providing long-lasting cold therapy.

  • Soft, finished edges make for a comfortable fit & feel during use.


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