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Thermophore Heating Pads Canada

Ice It!® PUMP Wrap - Hip

Ice It!® PUMP Wrap - Hip

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The Ice It! Pump Cold Therapy Wraps are the best solution available for managing inflammation without medication.
As one buyer put it, “This is the best cold wrap I have ever tried!” Cold therapy is most effective when combined with compression. Active compression pushes the cold into the body, accelerating the anti-inflammatory response. Use our large bulb-pump to inflate the wrap for the most effective cold therapy wrap available.

Key Features:

  • Each wrap has been designed to maximize contact

    with the joints/body.

  • The unique bladder system allows the user to control
    the pressure for maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.

  • Adjustable straps assure a snug fit for any user.

  • Perfect for managing swelling from injuries or

    post-surgical use.

  • Removable bulb pump enables the wrap to be used while remaining active. Just close the valve and unscrew the flexible hose/pump and enjoy penetrating cold therapy!


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