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Thermophore Heating Pads Canada

Fleece Moist-SureTM Cover

Fleece Moist-SureTM Cover

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  • Not your normal heating pad!!! Unmatched in terms of delivering deep, penetrating moist heat therapy, BCE continues to get thank you notes from users for providing “life-changing pain relief” without drugs

  • The unique combination of high heat, substantial moisture and a pliable, weighted drape of the pads sets the Thermophore® line apart, making them popular with clinicians, therapists and chronic pain-sufferers

  • In simple terms, the drape keeps the pad against the skin, while the high heat pushes moisture into the body, penetrating deeply and triggering the body’s natural pain-relieving and healing processes. While competitors might get one or two of these design elements right, none have tuned the design like BCE!

  • Thermophore® moist heat therapy pads – delivering drug-free pain relief for 90 years and still going strong!


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