Can I wash my heating pad?

If you have a heating pad with a cover, the cover is the only washable piece of that heating pad.

Where can I find out which kind of heating pad I have?

Please refer to the “Which Heating Pad Do I Have?” page in the instruction manual.

How hot do the heating pads get?

The surface temperature on all our heating pads heating pads vary depending on the temperature set on the remote

When to use your Theratherm Heating Pad:

Use your heating pad wherever hot applications are desirable for personal comfort, and whenever recommended by your physician or physical therapist for the relief of pain. Great for easing chronic arthritis pain and when treating muscle and joint injuries.

You should never use a heating pad on people who are:

Invalid, Infant, Sleeping, Unconscious, Paralyzed

How long does the heating pad take to heat up?

On average, the heating pad takes 9 minutes to heat up.

How do I clean the heating pad?

DO NOT DRY CLEAN YOUR PAD! DO NOT USE BLEACH! DO NOT USE A WRINGER! To clean, follow the directions below: Unplug from wall outlet. Make sure the control is OFF. Disconnect the pad connector by holding control connector and pulling straight out from the pad. Machine-wash the pad in warm water on gentle cycle; tumble dry on medium heat. Remove from the dryer. The pad can also be hand-washed in warm water and line dried. DO NOT plug in the pad until it is completely dry.

Tips on how to use your heating pad properly:

Before you use the pad, carefully examine inner cover before each use. Make sure that you always use the pad with the cover properly in place – do not use the pad without the cover. Do not use in oxygen atmosphere. This applies to all oxygen enriched environments. Use the pad only on a 110-120 volt AC circuit. Unplug when not in use. Do not use your heating pad with liniment, salve or ointment preparations that contain heat-producing ingredients.

To help preserve your heating pad, please follow the guidelines below:

Avoid using pins or other metallic means to fasten this pad in place. Do not sit on or crush pad. Avoid sharp folds as damage to the wires could occur. Never pull the pad by the power supply cord or use the cord as the handle.